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5 decorative tips for a welcoming top living room!

he living room is with the kitchen one of the main rooms of the house. We live with our families and friends, so it is important to feel good about yourself. Sometimes, despite our good will, small details spoil this feeling of well-being so much sought after without the living room. So to avoid mistakes, here are 5 decoration tips to make sure you have a warm and welcoming living room decoration.

The decoration of the living room in 5 tips

To successfully decorate your living room and make it a living space where you can relax with family or friends, you need to combine the requirements of the surface area and the brightness of the room, two factors that can be modified at least in printing. But to succeed in decorating your living room is also to apply a few simple but essential rules. It is important, both for good circulation in the living room and to feel comfortable in it, to choose the right location for furniture, especially the largest ones such as the sofa or library. Then it is necessary to take care of the composition of the colour palette and the number of colours that compose it, to work on the lighting which, in the living room more than elsewhere, contributes to the atmosphere of the room. Finally, focus on decorative accessories that will contribute to the cocooning effect whatever the style of the salon: modern, classic or in a design salon.

1 -Place the living room sofa in the right place

In the living room, the sofa is generally the most imposing piece of furniture and its location can completely change the feeling and atmosphere in the room. The first rule for a friendly living room is to avoid at all costs that its occupants are facing the front door.
It is best to place the sofa so that it seems to extend its arms as soon as you enter the room, i.e. it faces the front door.
When the configuration of the room or the size of the sofa does not allow for this optimized placement, a subterfuge is used by placing a side table with a sculpture, a vase of good height at the back of the sofa so as to give the impression that it is the one who welcomes us when entering the room.

2 – Create a decorative centre of interest in the lounge

In home decoration, it is essential to have a strong element in a room that captures the interest of its occupants and guests. In the living room, it could be the fireplace, a beautiful view of the garden or the terrace. If you have neither to highlight, you can create a focal length that captures interest with a canvas that attracts the eye by its colors or dimensions, with a trompe l’oeil wallpaper, or hang a wall decoration made of a composition of photo frames, mirrors. It is also an opportunity to showcase your favourite collection of objects.

3 – Focus on the comfort of a carpet in the living room

A beautiful carpet wakes up, warms up the atmosphere in the living room and is almost indispensable in this room of the house. A beautiful living room requires a beautiful carpet. Before investing in a carpet, it is important to think about what is expected of it: If it is more comfortable to touch, it must be in a soft and soft material. Of course, a wool carpet with long wicks is ideal, but synthetic carpets can do the trick. If it is to separate the living room areas, think carefully about the dimensions of the carpet so that the visual effect works.
Another important element in choosing the living room carpet is the colours. Since the carpet is also a focal point in the living room, its colours must harmonize with the rest of the colours, avoiding tones on tones. One or two of the colours of the carpet can be the same as the colour of the walls, the sofa, the decoration accessories, or echo the colour of the chair seats… To avoid multiplying the colours in the room, also avoid choosing colours that are not already present in the living room.

4 – Create a decorative balance in the living room

A successful decoration of the living room requires a balance of lines and colours. The balance of lines is the harmony between furniture and decorative objects. These elements represent a set of vertical and horizontal elements. It is important that both are not introduced disproportionately. For example, an imposing sofa in the living room, in the style of a corner sofa, will have to be compensated by a large lamp post, a tall plant.
Another example is the presence of a large suspension hanging down from the ceiling, which is balanced by placing a large lamp to be placed on a low table, canvas or poster of large dimensions.
And when looking for balance in the living room, it is of course important to keep in mind that of colours. No more than three colours in the room without taking into account grey, black and white which are neutral colours, we even talk about non-colour about these colours.

5 – Decorative accessories and lighting in the living room

The decoration accessories and the type of lighting are to be pampered to make the decoration of your living room a pleasant living space where a cocooning atmosphere emerges. Whatever the decoration style of the living room, cushions, plaids and indirect lighting are elements to be favoured in the living room. Illuminate niches, canvases, photo frames with spotlights in concentrated light, also think of LED strips to place on the cornice or ceiling, lights to place on the floor such as light balls equipped with a colour changer.