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What are the decoration trends for 2020?

What will your interior look like this year? Answers in images and decoding of the 2020 decoration trends to follow, or not! A little velvet here, cane there, funny faces, ceramics, tiles on household linen, we can go on and the best…

If you are curious to discover the materials, colours, atmospheres and other inspirations that will punctuate this year, you are just in time! When some decorative trends are confirmed, others come to the fore or come back in force in 2020. Spotted and decoded by us, they will soon have no more secrets for you!

Caneing is definitely not old enough

Successful comeback for the caning. Fallen into disuse, this braiding technique is once again on the rise, driven by the return of natural fibres, rattan and wicker in the lead. Declined in furniture, seating, lighting and accessories of all kinds, cane has not said its last word in decoration!

The faces show their heads in the decoration

Line drawing is a passion for decoration with an obsession especially for faces. On a cushion, a vase, a carpet or even a wall jewel, the portrait is declined according to different periods and styles. The hardest part will be to choose between ancient inspirations, tributes to Matisse or ethnic influences.

Leather goes clear

Here’s a trend that should reconcile more than one with leather! This season, it goes to the show in a clear and natural version for a softer and much brighter result. Sofas and armchairs set the tone, followed by highly decorative details such as furniture handles or shelf straps.

The grid or when the decoration stands on squares

Timeless and not very complicated to associate, the tile never stops twisting the whole household. From table linen to bed linen, this pattern crisscrosses living spaces with style and offers a graphic side worthy of the Memphis style.

The lounge chair is a must, and it is the perfect attraction.

Like a nod to the iconic Eames Lounge Chair of the eponymous couple, the lounge chair offers the quintessence of comfort. Between wooded structure, low seat and braided finishes, each brand signs its own revisite and the hardest thing will be to choose only one.

The furniture asserts itself and takes on a new dimension

Storage furniture has finished with smooth fronts and is becoming more and more original. The doors are carefully crafted to offer an elaborate sculptural rendering, ultra graphic geometric shapes, precious fish scales or even weavings that give incredible relief. In other words, the storage unit goes on the offensive and offers itself a spectacular rise on the decoration field.